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Water Works

Exclusive Insights

The indoor/outdoor swimming pool at 11YV is an unequivocal study in total serenity.

Yes, you’ve had unique swimming experiences before, but nothing like this.

The epitome of definitive luxury, the infinity pool on Level 3 at 11YV offers the kind of refinement one would only expect in the spa environs of a five-star hotel—only this is your home. Imagine the tranquility, the moments of quiet solitude, the soothing benefits that emerge from time well spent in the water.

Designed by noted interiors experts Cecconi Simone, the semi-recessed pool draws inspiration from the ancient baths of Greece, creating a minimal yet comfortable atmosphere, grounded by black and white stone walls. The space is perfectly lit with a mix of moonlight and mood lighting, generating a romantic feel that further underlines a sense of both sophistication and serenity. A retractable glass door separates the pool and the outdoor deck, with the pool carrying on underneath it.

A relaxing waterfall feature and an inviting hot tub help ease tired muscles and minds, letting a renewed balance seep into the spa-like undercurrent. A cheerful fireplace banking one wall keeps things cozy in the cooler seasons. This is a place you can really get used to—and you can use it whenever you want.

The pool shares its change rooms with the adjacent state-of-the-art fitness studio. More than mere dressing rooms, they are in effect completely equipped men’s and women’s spas, with elaborate rainhead-experience showers, stone tiling, bronze-tinted mirrors and decadent Hammams that deliver rejuvenation tenfold.

With all the elegance that surrounds you here, it’s easy to forget that swimming is good for you! This rewarding pastime keeps you fit, delivering heart-healthy cardiovascular benefits so you stay in fine form. Swimming is rewarding mentally, too, a chance to turn within and lose yourself, a type of mindful meditation. A visit to the pool can be scheduled for a mid-morning break, to help melt away the cares of the day or to work up an appetite before dinner.

The 11YV swimming pool is also a great place to hang out with a friend for an afternoon of getting caught up. Together time here with your spouse gets you both active and keeps you connected. The pool is also a great place to spoil a visiting child.

With your easy access to such a discerning environment, you have no excuse not to let the healing power of water become part of your daily 11YV routine.