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How to Entertain With Ease at 11YV

Exclusive Insights

Private parties in 11YV’s amenity space in the heart of Yorkville can really draw a crowd.

While friends are always welcome at your comfortable 11YV condominium, there will be times when you need just a bit more space to entertain. A charity-group get-together, a business-associate cocktail hour, a special-occasion dinner with the extended inner circle—these are just a few of the myriad social situations that call for spreading out. Happily, there is lots of room to play in the ample private amenity areas at 11YV.

The soaring vaulted ceiling of the grand lobby makes the all-important first impression, welcoming your guests, steps from vibrant and bustling Yorkville. Noted interior design firm Cecconi Simone, whose exquisite residential and retail work is on full display across Canada and around the world—in high-style nations such as Italy, India, Qatar, America and China—has truly hit it out of the park with 11YV.

For distinguished dinner parties, the opulent Wine Dining Room on Level 4—with its sleek modern look, sophisticated furnishings, seductive lighting and cozy fireplace—sets a stylish scene. The room features a commanding stone table, herringbone-patterned wood flooring and vivid velvet-covered seating. Dramatic yet effective lighting—including glistening chandeliers with crystals that appear suspended in mid-air—lends an ephemeral, art-installation aura. Inviting lounging space, outlined by patterned wool rugs and circular gold tables, props up the fringe areas. This is the perfect spot for a quiet side-chat or an after-dinner brandy.

It’s important to note that while designed for dining and wine-tasting, this elegant room is suitable and extremely convenient for a board meeting or group discussion, a stand-up buffet luncheon, a holiday party or any function—formal or otherwise—that warrants taking the event outside your home.

The multifunctional 11YV Piano Lounge also on Level 4 carries on in the same refined vein, the tables, seats and floor mirroring the Wine Dining Room. Comfortable and intimate, it has the feel of a modern speakeasy, lowly lit and polished to perfection with a bronze-accented library, sumptuous media space, dark walls and a lustrous baby grand piano. This space also pairs well with wine, along with casual cocktails, a birthday party, a club mixer or a business meet-and-greet—whenever you need more elbow room to rub shoulders.

The striking and dramatic Bordeaux Lounge speaks volumes of the vivacious 11YV character—luxurious and even a bit ostentatious. Red velvet and gold tassels, neon, multi-toned reds that flavour every corner, and hushed lighting work together to provide a unique glamour.

For casual cook-offs and bonafide kitchen parties, the TV Lounge and Chef’s Kitchen sits at the ready on Level 3, fully equipped to have the gang over to watch the game or an episode of your favourite show. The same goes for the tiered theatre, with its inviting oversized seating and mood lighting.

Thanks to 11YV’s easy sophistication, your social events seem effortless, like you’ve been planning them for weeks. These welcome add-ons are an extension of both your home and of your lifestyle, well worth sharing. Your guests will remember their time spent with you long after it’s over and look forward to next time. You are in good company, indeed.