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11YV emits a welcome beacon of shimmering light

Exclusive Insights

Many people have asked about the breathtaking crystal light art installation in the front window of the Presentation Gallery of the 11YV condominium. The exciting news is that this light sculpture will eventually find a permanent home in the vaulted lobby at 11YV, with companion pieces worked into the luxurious private dining room and other spaces within the complex.

Custom-made for the project by world-renowned Toronto design firm Cecconi Simone, which was responsible for the interior design of 11YV, the timeless art piece was created to convey a feeling of inspired elegance, just like the building itself.

“The crystal light art is representative of the approach to the design of 11YV,” says Elaine Cecconi. “11YV is not simply fulfilling a checklist of amenities but rather creating spaces that are beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. It’s about quality of materials, beautiful lighting and creating a true sense of ‘home.’”

The Presentation Centre installation comprises 6,750 faceted crystals ranging in size, positioned on stainless-steel strands in a variety of compositions. “This re-installed art will vary from 20-foot-long strands over the lobby lounge to an impressive span of 10 feet over the amenity dine space,” Cecconi says.

The cascading strands of crystal appear almost suspended in time, reflecting the light, shimmering like diamonds. Reminiscent of a silent rainfall, the installation’s dramatic proportions are tempered by a delicate, almost ethereal aura, setting a tone of serenity the moment you walk in the door.

“It is both lyrical and magical in the way the crystals reflect light, transformative in how it is perceived—from soft glowing sculpture by day to dynamic high-contrast impact at night,” Cecconi says. “The mirrored ceiling, floor and walls play with perception and a sense of infinity. It is ever-changing and its impression is singular and personal.”

Evoking a sense of grace and refinement, the crystal light art installation is a luxurious artistic touch to 11YV. Elegant, shimmering and inspiring—just like the building itself.